Ammar and amna haq

adnan siddiqui with wife
adnan siddiqui wedding
abrar ul haq wedding
shehzad roy wedding
ahsan khan wedding

ali noor and mandana

fakhar e alam wedding
faisal qureshi with wife

fawad (e.p band) wedding

umaima, shamon and his daughter
umaima and shamoon mehndi

umaima mehndi

sunita marchelle wedding

sunita marchelle wedding

imran nazir with wife

imran nazir wedding
fahad mustafa with wife

fahad mustafa with wife

fahad mustafa with wife
sana with husband fakhar
iffat rahim with husband omer
jamal shah with his wife jawad ahmad with wife

kamran akmal on her wedding
javeriya jaleel and saud
khusboo and arbaaz khan

moammar rana and mehnaaz

moammar rana with wife

javeriya and saud
marina khan with husband
nadia khan with husband
sameena pirzada and usman peerzada

nauman ijaz and wife rabia

nauman ijaz and rabia
sunita marchelle on her mehndi
zhalay sarhadi with her husband amir

sunita marchelle with husband
sunita marchelle with her husband
sunita marchelle with her husband

fahad mustafa on his wedding
waqar younis with wife
shan with his wife

fahad mustafa with his wife
shahood alvi with wife
rahat fateh ali khan with wife

tooba with fiance

tehreem on her mehndi

tehreem on her mehndi

tehreen with his husband
tehreem on wedding
tehreem with her husband
sana tariq with fiance

sheeraz upul with wife

sheeraz upul with wife amna haq with fiance
noor hassan with fiance sadia

sahiba and afzal khan

humayon saeed with his wife
fahad mustafa on his wedding
shamon abbasi and omaima
shamon abbasi and omaima
tehreem’s wedding
saud and javeriya jaleel
mahnoor baloch with her husband mani with wife on his wedding
yousaf youhanna(muhammad yousaf) wife

saqlain mushtaq with his wife
fawad(e.p band)with wife
zhalay sarhadi and amir daughter
adnan sami khan son azan
zeba bakhtiar with her son azan waqar younis with his wife and kids
vaniza ahmad with sister and mother
nida pasha daughter
najam sheeraz daughter haya

nida pasha and yasir nawaz in muree

moammar rana with daughter

moammar rana with daughters and wife mehnaaz
tehreem daughter
shahood alvi with wife and daughters
salma afzar daughter meera hashmi son

shahid afridi daughters

sarah choudhry childhood

salma afzar with her sister and brother
nida pasha with her daughter
moammar rana with daughters

moammar rana with daughters

mani son
saud and javeriya daughter jannat
iffat rahim daughter
jannat saud and javeriya daughter

iffat rahim with her husband and daughter

hadiqa qiani son
shamon abbasi and javeriya abbasi daughter
farhan ali agha sons

hiba ali son
fawad with son

faisal qureshi daughter

atiqa udho daughter

atiqa udho husband

atiqa udho childhood
atiqa udho childhood

atiqa udho childhood
salma agha son
rabi peerzada son sadaf and umair sons

reema sister wedding

reema sister

nadia khan son azan
nadia khan son

nadeem son

juggan kazmi son

nadia khan with her daughter


these six pics are very nice and i like the most cutest baby is nadia khan daughter and nadia khan son and nadia khan i like most.

nadia khan with her daugter,i like that pic

wow!!! wot a collection…thankyou

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