veena malik without shirt no clothes pics photos

veena malik

Also she was accused in 2004 of being involved in indecent acts by one of her co-stars. After filming a cross-border venture with Bollywood named Pind Di Kuri, actress Sheeba Butt added, “That is what her real character is like. It is a matter of disrespect for us.”

This came after Veena’s comments that Sheeba’s acting etiquette ‘had tarnished the image of Pakistan by causing a loss’ of Rs 70,000 to the Indian Punjabi producer Iqbal Singh Dhillon for which Veena claims she had to compensate for from her own pocket.

veena malik

In 2007 Veena and fellow actress Meera made a lot of harsh comments about each other in interviews. Veena even stated that Meera threatened to throw acid on her face, but this could not be verified.
veena malik

Meera’s personal assistant Mukhtar left her and started working with Veena, which caused Meera a lot of anger, and she even accused Veena of having an affair with Mukhtar. Check out some pics below of Veena in some raunchy photoshoots with this pakistan actor Meera. …and offcourse check out the other pics .
veena malik
veena malik

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